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Venue Finding On A Budget


When planning an event, budgets can quickly get out of hand.

Overlooking the real cost of a venue, quality suppliers and forgetting to factor in some crucial elements to the event plan is very easily done.  So we’ve put together some tips to offer some creative and resourceful options with regards to venue sourcing to help you stay on track with your spending and keep within the event budget.



The hire cost of venues can vary hugely but there are some bargains to be had out there!  Research time will definitely pay off if you dig a little deeper and look to find unique venues that don’t predominately cater for events. There are venues out there looking to break into the venue hire scene and willing to offer a deal for exposure as well as multi-purpose venues offering heavily discounted rates during their quieter times such as restaurants, golf clubs and museums.


Audio and visual technology is yet another thing to make a dent in the budget but thankfully there are a lot of venues out there with this technology already set up; such as schools or conference centres, so don’t forget to inquire about these at the start of your venue finding journey.


If your dream venue is a little on the small side then there could be the option of extending it’s capacity by utilising the grounds that it sits on. If there is outside space accessible then the option of adding a tent or marquee could save you money on having to hire a bigger venue and make the layout of your event a little more interesting too.


Finding venues that allow outside catering can save you a huge amount of money and also give you more flexibility on the catering options. Local caterers could provide food and drink for a fraction of the cost or even restaurants that offer delivery could be an option. And for a big budget save there is always the likes of Costco!


With just a bit of imagination and creativity, spaces can be transformed.  So don’t be afraid to consider inexpensive, plain venues.  You can enlist the help of an event decor professional or source some DIY options on Pinterest.  Props, draping and a carefully thought out lighting design are small things that can really transform a venue.



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