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Summer Party Inspo & Entertainment

Despite the rain the last few days, we’ve been having a lot of sunshine recently in the UK and Summer is officially coming!

Our mood is changing as we lighten up and get organising our summer plans: music festivals, trips abroad, outdoor activities, BBQs and garden parties or simply booking out our weekends to sit sipping Pimms in the garden.

It’s the season of longer days and good vibes and it’s a cause for celebration!

The summertime is one of the easier times to plan an event.  People are far more open to kicking back and relaxing and the warmer weather increases the chances of attendance as you’re not dragging people from the comfort of their sofas into the cold and windy night to attend. While we can’t always guarantee the weather in the UK for a fully outdoor event, it’s easy enough to create a summertime vibe indoors or outdoors that everyone is going to enjoy.




Festivals are like playgrounds for adults. People just love to dress up, let go of their inhibitions and immerse themselves into the music.  From creating a ‘main stage’ for some live music entertainment in your back garden to providing glitter and face painting for all the guests, it’s a theme that everyone of all ages will enjoy.  If you’ve got a big enough space then themed tents, teepees and bean bags can be dotted around to really make the event feel bigger than it really is and provide a variety of spaces for people to enjoy from a glitter tent, bar tent, tarot reader tent, chill out tent – there are so many options to create many different atmospheres in one space!



Everyone loves a beach holiday and by taking some of the key features of sun, sea and sand destinations you can recreate the fun, holiday vibe quite easily.  From a pineapple and palm tree theme to a Hawaiian shirt and beachwear dress code. You could go all out with a steel drum band and man-made sandbank or just provide little accents in the form of inflatables, a big bowl of rum punch or cocktails served inside coconuts  And there’s always the option of and a good old dance contest in the form of the limbo to get everyone involved in some fun and bring out some healthy competition among the guests.



Providing the weather is good a garden party is always a winner, everyone loves to bask out in the sunshine and be surrounded by nature.  Colourful lowers are naturally in bloom this time of year so with the addition of a bit of bunting you’re good to go.  BBQs are a great food option, be mindful of providing food choices that do not fare well in the heat – browning humous and jelly-like mayonnaise which has baked in the sun does not look particularly appetising!

In keeping in with the garden theme, edible flowers frozen into ice cubes make a lovely addition to summer G&Ts  and no other drink spells out a British garden party like Pimms!



If you’re looking for a high energy atmosphere then a carnival theme is the way to go!  Think bright colours, dancers and Brazillian music!  Carnival costumes are a work of art in their own right and providing a makeup artist at the party to give your guests a carnival style makeover will ensure everyone is embracing their colourful side. Hiring carnival dancers are a great way to provide entertainment for your guests and encourage people to get moving to the beat too.



The Middle East has become increasingly popular for events and if you’re looking to create more of a mid-level, chill-out vibe then this is a great theme to go for.  Keep the space lowly lit with candles and lanterns and in terms of decor, provide low seating, beanbags, cushions and draped fabric. A belly dancer or snake charmer could provide a great feature of entertainment for your guests and a body painting artist providing henna designs could be a huge winner allowing everyone to take home a piece of the Middle East!

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