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Reduce Event Planning Stress


Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or planning your first event, event planning causes stress. Fact.

There are so many things to juggle, options to consider and many parts to pull together that the whole process can be all-consuming.
Don’t let the experience drive you into burn out. Stay on top of your stress levels with these 3 stress combating tips.event-planning-stress


A little forward thinking goes a long way.  Planning out what needs to be done and thinking ahead to possible issues that could arise will keep you on track throughout the event planning process.  Having a clear list of prioritized tasks and duties will keep you level headed should chaos hit at any point.  With so many different elements at play from event design and production to catering and entertainment, keeping organised throughout is the only way to minimise the inevitable stress.  Keeping your priorities noted down in a task list will ensure the event planning process keeps moving along smoothly.


As event planning is a time-bound activity, it is even more important to set boundaries around the time you spend working on it.  It’s so tempting to answer emails and scroll through google and Pinterest for ideas and inspiration late into the night but if you don’t set boundaries around the time you dedicate to all event planning activities you are going to be working very ineffectively.  Furthermore, it’s a sure fire way to burn out and stress with the whole process.  If you are an event planner then set boundaries with your clients with regards to responding to emails and when you are available for phone calls and if you are planning an event yourself then dedicate specific time each day to event planning activities and keep within those hours – whatever it is can wait until tomorrow, even if you have to rejig your schedule to factor in dedicated event planning time first thing in the morning for that day.


Taking some downtime is not only hugely important for yourself but it’s imperative to the smooth runnings of things in the lead up to any event.  It is so easy to allow event planning stress to spill over into areas of your personal life.  Making even just a little time each day to relax and refocus your mind is crucial to your event success.  Just taking conscious time out to go for a walk, read a book, meditate or take part in another activity for a few hours or a full day, does not only relax you but forces your mind into another state allowing you to come up with new ideas or creative solutions to any problems that my have arisen along your event planning journey.  Technology can be a time drain and stress-inducing so it’s super important to make a huge effort to unplug regularly to give your mind time to fully relax.


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