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What a Makeup Artist can do for your Event

Depending on the Event, hiring a Makeup Artist isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when embarking on your event planning journey.  With so many different things a makeup artist can offer however, you really should consider it!

Wether it’s a private or corporate party or even a big product launch, a bit of pampering and/or transformation can be very well received and ensure your event is remembered long after it is over!

Here at Make Up Artist London, we work behind the scenes to ensure hosts, staff and performers look spectacular as well as working right at the heart of an event ensuring the guests and attendees are enjoying themselves and having a wonderful experience.

The addition of a makeup artist can really do wonders for your event and here is why…

makeup artist-event-fancy dress-party

The Makeup Artist London Team consist of not only super talented and creative artists, but we are also a very bubbly and outgoing bunch which makes us the perfect go to team for events!

We can be on hand backstage not only making hosts and presenters look fabulous but also keeping them calm. At the event itself, we ensure that everyone is having a good time by getting them involved in what we have to offer and giving each and every guest a personal experience. Whether it’s matching our creative makeup services to their outfit or fixing any stray hairs or makeup mishaps, our team will be on hand to provide a professional and bespoke service!

Our role at events is not only to provide our skilled services, but to also to interact with guests to enhance their experience.  With our outgoing personalities, we double up as entertainers to ensure that everyone gets involved in the party and we will joke and cajole to get everyone involved with our makeup entertainment services too. As even if it’s just a little something, it brings the whole party together and creates a wonderful group experience for everyone there.

We provide camera ready makeup and hairstyling services prior to the event as well as creative and beauty services at the event and we’ve got lots to offer the kids too! So if you want to make your event unforgettable then you’ll definitely want to consider the addition of a makeup artist. You’ll also save on party bags and favours by giving the guests a little bit of makeup magic to go home with!

To enquire about your event, then please contact us and let us know what you are planning and we will see what we can come up with for you!


CALL: 020 8363 6753

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