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If Carlsberg did Parties…

Earlier this year a rather exciting email winged it’s way into our inbox from TBA asking us to work our magic at Carlsberg’s annual conference at Printworks!

TBA was organising the entire day’s events and wanted us to come on board for the “after party” to help get everyone in the party spirit.  In keeping with the sustainability theme, we had our eco-friendly glitters to hand and we’re ready to work our magic!

Printworks is a large venue and we expected to walk into a high energy party atmosphere at 9pm when we arrived, however, it seemed that the formalities had only just finished. After a long day for the delegates, it seemed as though we had our work cut out raising the vibe in such a huge space.

So with no time to lose, we got straight to it!  We were a team of 4 artists and we immediately spread out to tackle every corner of the room.  It didn’t take long for people to get used to the idea that glitter was indeed the way forward and with a little help from a change in lighting the atmosphere changed dramatically!


Before long the event space was transformed: full of buzz, energy and party vibes.  The DJ was in full swing by 10 pm and after a few drinks, people were up throwing shapes on the dance floor which was our cue to start showcasing our neon face and body painting creations which glowed under the lights.



The 4 of us worked the entire space, alternating between glitter and UV paint designs, and it didn’t take long for it to snowball: there was no need for persuasion on our part, we were IN DEMAND.

What’s more, we were thrilled to have our videographer, Andy, there to capture some highlights of the evening so to see how the whole event went off just plat the short video below.

It was an awesome event to be part of and we just wanted to say a huge thanks to TBA and Carlsberg for having us on board – until the next time! 😉

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