Corporate Styling


First impressions count so when it comes to business you want to make sure you are putting your best self forward on all marketing material, website imagery, or when interacting with potential clients.
Through our corporate makeup services, we help you do just that.



The use of lighting for filming and photography is so powerful it can reflect the skin, causing hotspots and unwanted areas of shine.  Much the same as a makeup artist is always on hand for actors during filming, you want to ensure you have a corporate makeup artist on hand with the know-how to counteract effects of harsh lighting for any headshots or internal or external filming projects.
Whether it’s updating profiles on you or your company’s website or a filming project of internal or external use;  with the advent of High-Definition technology, it’s never been more important to hire a professional corporate makeup artist to not only pick up adverse hotspots but to even out skin tone, texture and ensure that colours appear correctly through the use of HD cameras.
And if you’re in need of a fantastic specialist corporate photographer then check out Perfect Lighting Photography.


corporate-hair-and-makeup-company-osbournes law


Osbornes Law Vanity Fair Style Shoot (Photographer: Diana Von R)
In this ever-increasing noisy world, it’s never been more important to stand out.  And what better way to grab people’s attention than with a creative marketing campaign?
Working with creative professionals for visual ad campaigns can help you think outside the box and get one up on your competitors.  While we advocate looking smart, presentable and most importantly like the true you, there’s no harm in letting you and your company’s personality and fun side shine through with a more creative photoshoot.
Through corporate makeup and hair-styling, we can enhance your character or create a new image to help carry you and your company’s message forward.


Confidence is everything.  And we know that when you look your best, you perform at your best.
Enlisting the help of a hairstylist and makeup artist can do wonders for your confidence. on or off stage, ensuring you have the confidence to deliver your pitch with ease and really engage with your audience.
Working with a hair and makeup stylist can help you identify your best features, enhance your appearance so you can put forward the very best version of yourself.

Get in touch to see how we can help you with any of your business-related needs.

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