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Summer Party Inspo & Entertainment

Despite the rain the last few days, we’ve been having a lot of sunshine recently in the UK and Summer is officially coming! Our mood is changing as we lighten up and get organising our summer plans: music festivals, trips abroad, outdoor activities, BBQs and garden parties or simply booking out our weekends to sit […]

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If Carlsberg did Parties…

Earlier this year a rather exciting email winged it’s way into our inbox from TBA asking us to work our magic at Carlsberg’s annual conference at Printworks! TBA was organising the entire day’s events and wanted us to come on board for the “after party” to help get everyone in the party spirit.  In keeping […]

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Ibiza Themed Party

A few weeks back we had the pleasure of being invited on board some very special 40th birthday celebrations in the form of an Ibiza themed party! The party took place in North London and a huge marquee was erected in the garden and decked out full Pacha night club style! Upon arrival, the guests […]

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Managing Event Attendees

You can do all the planning in the world for your upcoming event but there are some factors that are outside of your control and no matter how well organised you’ve been in the lead-up, things can easily not go to exact plan on the day through no fault of your own. Managing attendees for […]

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Reduce Event Planning Stress

  Whether you’re a seasoned event planner or planning your first event, event planning causes stress. Fact. There are so many things to juggle, options to consider and many parts to pull together that the whole process can be all-consuming. Don’t let the experience drive you into burn out. Stay on top of your stress […]

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Venue Finding On A Budget

When planning an event, budgets can quickly get out of hand. Overlooking the real cost of a venue, quality suppliers and forgetting to factor in some crucial elements to the event plan is very easily done.  So we’ve put together some tips to offer some creative and resourceful options with regards to venue sourcing to […]

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3 Great party themes and how to create an impact!

Whatever your reason for celebration, you want to throw the most fantastic party you can possibly muster! If you are considering a theme for your party or event, we have some wonderful, inventive ideas for you to mull over! Alice in Wonderland In a fantasy world where animals, people and objects are all creatively intermingled, […]

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Planning a Themed Hen Party?

The main aim of a hen party? TO MAKE IT UNFORGETTABLE! There are your standard hen parties and then there are amazing, unforgettable ones that the bride-to-be and her closest friends will talk about for years to come – The difference between the two is all in the planning! Praise the lord for the internet, […]

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The 70’s Comeback: Studio 54 Party

From tan suedes and flared jeans to paisley patterns, centre partings and exotic embellishments, it’s clear the style of the 70’s is making a comeback! The festival scene as always been rather 70’s esque but there has also been an increasing number of 70’s themed events such as a Studio 54 party! In April 1977, […]

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What a Makeup Artist can do for your Event

Depending on the Event, hiring a Makeup Artist isn’t necessarily the first thing you think of when embarking on your event planning journey.  With so many different things a makeup artist can offer however, you really should consider it! Wether it’s a private or corporate party or even a big product launch, a bit of […]

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