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3 Great party themes and how to create an impact!

Whatever your reason for celebration, you want to throw the most fantastic party you can possibly muster! If you are considering a theme for your party or event, we have some wonderful, inventive ideas for you to mull over!

Alice in Wonderland

In a fantasy world where animals, people and objects are all creatively intermingled, the possibilities are endless!


STYLE: Throw a mad-hatters tea party, or a queen of hearts style ball; either way, rabbit tails, playing cards and red roses are a must! Try collecting miss-matched tea-pots, and cup and saucer sets to add that quirky, authentic wonderland style.


DRESS & MAKEUP: People can dress as the Alice in Wonderland characters, which gives your guests a lot of scope. For a rabbit look, try using white face-paint on face and lips, and drawing some big teeth in with your eye-liner. The Red Queen is always a fun dress, and the makeup can be pretty simple as long as you incorporate red lips of course!

Look at some of these amazing costumes and makeup styles we created!


Alice in Wonderland

Mermaid & Unicorn


This is such a popular party theme right now, and we love it!! The pretty pastel shades, and an excuse for swishy, beach hair should never be passed up!


STYLE: It’s all about pastel colours, and inventive ways of incorporating glitter and unicorn horns into your food and costume. Try labelling a jar of jelly beans as ‘unicorn droppings’ and use bright, rainbow coloured food like watermelon stars. Or maybe you want to go for a more under-the-sea style, with paper seaweed decorations and pastel blue cupcake icing. Sushi would be a great dish for aspiring mermaids!


DRESS & MAKEUP: You can have so much fun with this theme! Mermaids can use fishnet tights as a stencil and some blue/green face-paint to create a scale pattern on your face. Pretty pink and pastel lip colours, and hair dye work for both mermaids and unicorns (maybe try a wash-out colour though). You can never have too much glitter! A great way to make glitter stick on your skin, is using a thin layer of Vaseline.

mermaid and unicorn party

Images from Pinterest


This has got to be our favourite theme right now. It’s so simple to create, yet so very effective!


STYLE: Everything in UV/glow in the dark and neon! Use black to offset, and UV with a black light if you can. Neon coloured balloons, napkins and even cake icing look fabulous against a black tablecloth and backdrops.

DRESS & MAKEUP: It is so simple for your guests – bright colours rule!! There are so many ways you could do this but a really effective way is to dress in black and use UV face-paints to create an awesome effect. Tell all your guests to dress in black, and supply the UV paint on arrival – this not only looks great, but creates a fun atmosphere for your guests as well. Check out our roaming UV services here

neon party

Whatever theme you go for, your party is sure to be a hit! Hiring a professional service on the day, to add an element of fun to your guests fancy-dressing efforts, can really make the difference between a good party and a great party!

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