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Rainforest Themed Bar-mitzvah Facepaint

When it comes to Barmitzvah and Batmitzvah parties, you’ll most often find us at the heart of the event looking after the guests, adorning them with metallic tattoos, glitter, body and facepaint or even hair braiding, but sometimes we are asked to look after the staff and ensure that their makeup fits in with the theme. And this particular barmitvah had a theme we couldn’t wait to get our paint brushes into!

A few weekends ago, we had the pleasure of working with Philip Small Catering and Event Planners at The Landmark Hotel. We arrived at lunchtime to set up shop in one of the conference rooms and by 1.45pm we were ready to work our facepaint magic on nearly 30 members of staff from catering staff to band members to ensure that they looked animal-tastic!

animal print-facepant-makeup-artist









Due to time constraints, we weren’t required to do full on animal transformations, so no prosthetics this time, but our brief was to ensure that the staff had an indication of animal print on their faces to tie in with the rainforest theme of the event. Our facepaint designs featured leopards, zebras and colourful birds and the staff really looked the part in their park ranger type outfits.


It was a really fun afternoon and although they were pressed for time during set up, the staff enjoyed their animal facepaint transformations!


The event itself looked amazing and featured live animals such as snake and monkeys for the guests to interact with. It took 90 crew members, 60 plant people, technicians, designers and florists to transform the ballroom to an unbelievably realistic rainforest.

rainforest-theme-party-philip small
Catering and Full Event Planning and Production – Philip Small Ltd – Caterers and Party Planners Photography – In-house by Philip Small Ltd – Caterers and Party Planners All rights reserved. No reproduction allowed unless authorised by Philip Small Ltd – Caterers and Party Planners

As always it’s an absolute pleasure to be involved in such a creative event and we were so pleased we were able to contribute to the event design. We really hope to work with Philip Small again and look forward to the next themed event!

If you have a barmitzvah or batmitzvah party coming up and want to see what we can come up with to compliment your theme, then get in touch!


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