Style, Art & Fun

Creative Project & Event Makeup Artistry Specialists

About us

We’re all about making an impact.

We challenge the way others see you and the way you see yourself.

Whether it’s enhancing what is already there or creating something entirely new; we like to push the boundaries to make a big impact through a combination of style, art and fun!

We are multi-passionate and we are always looking for ways to adapt our skills to work with new industries and shake up old thinking - it's what makes us tick.

We don't feel that prosthetics and special effects should be kept silent in the filming industry, nor do we feel that red carpet looks should be reserved for the elite: and we certainly don't believe that glitter is just for girls.

With our comprehensive set of skills teamed with our dynamic offering, we believe that we have something to surprise and delight every individual on this planet.

Our Vision

"We like to think outside the box, brainstorming unique and creative concepts to bring our client's ideas to life through makeup artistry. Whether it's creating something new or just jazzing something up, we're all about getting impactful results"

Camilla Collins -


  1. STYLE

    Award-winning artists, fully trained and on-trend in all aspects of hair styling and makeup artistry across many different industries: Live Events, Beauty, Fashion, Film and Theatre.

  2. ART

    Highly creative and dynamic; challenging perception and playing with the boundaries to bring out the very best there is through bespoke services and makeup artistry.

  3. FUN

    Bringing bags of personality to the game of life; making a big impression, enhancing moods and creating experiences in any way that we can.


Each of us are individual and we believe in enhancing your natural beauty and capitalising on those gorgeous features that makes you... well, you!

"Makeup is Art: Beauty is Spirit"

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We like to think outside the box and create unique concepts to support creative projects by bringing ideas to life through makeup artistry.

With our captivating creations we can help increase awareness, engage audiences and get a reaction for any brand or live event.

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We love nothing more than being at the heart of an event, revelling in the atmosphere and joining in the fun!

And because we love what we do, those around us love what we do too!

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